packing essentials i didn’t know i needed

Today I have officially made a dent in packing for my departure, (only took me a few weeks). Over time I have accumulated things that I originally didn’t realize they were essentials.

1.Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

I have had my eyes on a new mini backpack for a while, and just recently got this one as a birthday present. I AM SO OBSESSED. I am not much of a purse/handbag user, so I rely more on backpacks to lug my belongings around. This time around, I was more after function over fashion and I’m so happy I was.



For some reason, I am in love with the fact that the zipper is in the front of the big pocket, versus the middle like most backpacks. I feel it opens up the bag more, and structures it making it easier to bring around. This will be perfect for hikes, day trips, shopping, lounging, breathing…the whole bit!

2. Cord Wrap & Portable Charger

I came across this cord wrapper on etsy and am in love with the function and simplicity. Yes, I love cats, but also, this is my first cord wrapping experience and am already so relieved to have one.


I have gone through a couple portable chargers over time but I never dropped the extra few dollars for a good quality one. I did get this as a gift (thanks mom!), so I didn’t have a chance to make up excuses; as in….. I will continue to use ones held together by duck tape.

3. Daily Planners


Yes, I am so extra that this year I feel I need two instead of one. The bigger one I see myself using for more daily tasks: school work, errands, and small lists. I could go on for a bit about how grounded I feel once writing out little things I want to get done each day, even as a reminder. The smaller one is a moleskin, which I got as a present (thanks brother!). What I really appreciate about it, is in the beginning there are pages for international phone codes, and a map with all time zones. To have easy access to information like that, and also with it being visual, could come in handy! My moleskin I use for bigger dates, in-detail travel plans and also longer lists. Another pro, is with each weekly page is a whole empty page for notes.


4. Journal

Let me tell you, I am SO late to the journal game.


I decided not too long ago, to drop the money on a good quality journal that I would enjoy carrying around places. Barnes and Noble had so many fancy ones with the antique feel and FUN LATCHES so I was all for it.


I see this journal full with endless possibilities. I like to jot down stories, blog post ideas or thoughts that are overwhelming my head that day. I am 100% a visual person and again, I am confused why it took me so long to get a journal.

5. An Eye Mask


The trend only continues here: this was a gift (thanks megan!) & I’ve wanted one for a while. This one is so much more high tech than I would have gotten myself. It’s weighted a bit to help stay on my eyes, and block out light. I am excited to try this out especially on planes and see how it helps block out what is going on around me (also could be helpful during a little meditation). aaaaand its super soft!!!!

6. New Luggage Tagsimage11

Shout out again to my Mom, who is adorable and got me a set of luggage tags with marine mammals on them. In case you forgot, I am a marine biology major and am always rocking some seal/whale/sea otter merch (YAYYYY THE OCEAN)! These will make it so much easier to spot my luggage coming off the claim and they’re so much fun to look at.

7. Waterproof Phone caseimage10

I am an outdoor person; I like hiking, kayaking, being on boats for leisure and also my major. This is something I did not even think about but I know could be vital. I am also a prone klutz, who can be seen chucking their phone across the room without even realizing. This is perfect for that exact mix.

8. Life Strawimage9

Going alongside the waterproof case, it is better to be safe than sorry. A Life Straw instantly turns contaminated water into safe drinking water. Yet again, another birthday gift that will fit my needs abroad perfectly.

9. Packing Cubes


I recently discovered these existed, and will update you on how they are put into use. A big pet peeve of mine is opening my suitcase and NEVER being able to find what I am looking for, or having to go through hell to get there.


They seem really easy to manipulate and squish, so we shall see! Next post will be how these packs are used to organize this mess…..


Stayed tuned as I am leaving in ONE WEEK AHHHHH!!!

I am looking forward to documenting my journey. All of the support so far has been amazing, so thank you.

Lots of love,


21 thoughts on “packing essentials i didn’t know i needed”

  1. I’m away in March so this post was super helpful. I’m debating whether or not to bring my journal or not… its where I jot down my day to day, I’m a bit wary that someone in a hostel or something could read it or it could go missing – my baby! Any tips for keeping it safe? Maybe a padlocked smaller bag for it or something? Hmm….

    Just found your blog, love it ๐Ÿ™‚
    xx Beth

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    1. I personally use a backpack as a purse (the one in this post actually), which i carry around everywhere!! and thankfully my journal and small planner both fit perfectly in it. Im not sure if this is helpful but also I believe leaving it hidden in a suitcase/laptop bag, or a piece of furniture at the hostel could be sufficient!!! Thanks so much for reading xx


  2. Ok first things first. OMG the cat cord wrap is adorbs!!! Just a tip we had a similar style for cords…not am awesome kitty one … ๐Ÿ˜ญ but a similar on. It broke in less than a month lol. Think about bringing a spare or better yet electrical tape. Throw some electrical tape in your backpack and you can fix sooooo much when ever you need it lol

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  3. I’ve always wanted a Fjallraven Kanken ๐Ÿ˜ but it’s out of my price range , it’s definitely an essential.
    I usually start packing the day before I leave because I’m a disorganised idiot, I can’t imagine starting weeks before

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    1. ive learned my lesson from previous travels! i personally work best starting early ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes thankfully the bag was a gift!! but the quality is what you pay for!!

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  4. Wow, you are so planned, I usually just pack one day before going anywhere. You have given some good pointers to think before my next trips like the eye mask, water filter, phone case, and the packing cubes. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I love packing cubes – they make finding things so much easier! I’ve never heard of the Life Straw – but that seems like it’d be great for traveling in some countries


  6. The journal is really cool! I love the latch on it! I’ve never thought of using packing cubes, although I have seen them around. I’ll have to have a proper look at using them, as I always seem to lose things in my suitcase ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. iโ€™m currently finding them so helpful for socks! i always lose them in my suitcase and have to dig around for ages to find any


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